The Born-Again Identity

Nura* feels like she is reborn, she can’t stop smiling. Her face is hurting but she doesn’t care because today was exceptionnal. She’s trying to look like nothing happened but she’s radiating happiness. A passerby might even say her soul is bright as the light. So much happiness!

She can’t keep it to herself because it’s a unique moment in her life. She fought for it too.

Patience is a virtue after all but perseverance is a equally important, she thinks.

Before she knows it she tells the woman sitting next to her that it’s the happiest day of her life. The woman asks her why is it so. She explains her she waited for so long to finally have that and open her bag to show her precious document.

The woman’s eyes widened for a mere second, she knows what that document means instaneously. The feel of expensive paper under her fingers and the glimering maple leaf is so familiar.

Her next response is to hug and congratulate Nura. What a beautiful day indeed. Nura’ eyes are misty. The woman tells her she is so proud of her and she should celebrate because this is indeed a goal of a lifetime. Nura smiles even brighter and thanks her for her kind words. The woman might be in her place years from now and asks her how she felt when during the ceremony. She blushes and tells her it’s frightening at first and then you feel born again.

*Nura means to be filled with light. It was chosen for story telling and has no link to an existing person as far as the author is concerned.

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