Free to be You and Me

So today, I’ll share with you an insight about gender identity.

I don’t know if you follow or know the #HeForSheCampaign done by UN Women but I urge you to check it out. Interesting articles and views.

But it’s not what got me writing this post. It’s the discussion on an article about ‘How to teach children about gender identity’. One in particular was on how women and men should feel with themselves and their gender identity.

Without delivering the comment word by word. Ain’t want any trouble ;) I’ll sum it up,  women should ‘naturally’ feels feminine and men, masculine. That includes being ladylike for girls, or manly man for guys… all the gender related stereotypes you can think of.

While I understand this opinion, I don’t agree with it. If gender is binary then I’m a genderless soul wearing a woman vessel.

I grew up in a house crossing gender stereotypes all the time. My father taught me a man can cook, clean, look after kids and work a job.

He also taught me a girl can like ‘boys only’ sports, she can fight back during recess, can wear men jumpers and sweat pants if she wants and can be technical about cars.

After meeting my first challenges at work, he taught me a woman can use her brain to negotiate instead of her ‘feminine attributes’. The result is more respect, I guarantee you!

Couple that with a feminist grand mother and you get an interesting mix.

Of course like in every family you got some skeptics that prefer telling you, you look like a tom-boy and you should date women. If some of your friends tell you that, then you might want to reevaluate your friendship.

Because in the end, it’s how you feel with yourself. It’s your life. You gotta love yourself first and only then you can love others.

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